CloudPlayer Demo V1.0
As if I hadn't made enough visualizers, here's a demo of my latest project, which is a little more encompassing than the previous Labs demo's I've done.

This is a Node.js powered streaming service (using the SoundCloud API) that produces full 3D browser based visualizations through the wonderful Three.js. No timeline here, just juicy generative goodness. There are also no plugins required and is full supported for Chrome and Firefox.

This is only a spare-time project so the chances of it seeing a full release are very slim, but if you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch. The code will soon be available over at GitHub so you can even create your own if you'd like.
Water Droplet Photography
Whilst scouring Google Images for a new wallpaper, I saw some interesting images of water droplets popping up.

I love that frozen moment and although it's a common image, it seemed like a good challenge for a Sunday afternoon.

I used a black casserole dish to hold my pool of water and a turkey baster to control the drops of water.

Using my Canon 60D, Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens and 580EX speedlight, I went to work!

There's two main ways to take this shot, I believe.

Manual, hand-held flash.
Set your ISO low, 200 or so, then, in TV mode, set your shutter speed to 2 seconds. Hit the shutter, release the droplet and with the flash in your hand, press pilot and fire the flash as the droplet hits the water.

This is probably the best way to get this kind of image but its also the hardest, especially if you are trying to release the drop with one hand and illuminate with the other.

Machine gun style
Crudely, I think the best shots I got were from shooting as fast as I can with the Speedlight set to High-Speed-Sync.

If you time your shot for when the drop hits the water and have your shutter speed high, you can capture some lovely effects. The images won't come out quite as smooth as the longer exposure. You may need to pump up your ISO to get a quick enough shutter speed so get your noise correction tools at the ready!

Anyway, enough talking, here's the best shots of the day!

3D Starfield
I forget what inspired me to try this, but I suddenly had the urge to create a Canvas based starfield.

There's plenty of examples out there of how to create a simple straight line star simulation, but I fancied making something you could seemingly move about in.

Click the image above or the link below to launch. Use the arrow keys to move about and scroll up to speed up and scroll down to slow down. Simples.